hydraulic rock breaker
  • Type:rock breaker
  • Application: rock broken, mining, road, building
  • purpose:excavator attachment
Product details

Hydraulic rock breaker is powered by an excavator or loader pump provides pressure oil, it can dig a fundamental role in building a more efficient clean up floating rock crevice in the rocks and soil. Optional hydraulic hammer excavator model is based on the principle of the operating environment to choose the most suitable hydraulic rock breaker

Hydraulic breaker has become an important tool for the job, it was installed in the hydraulic breaker backhoe loaders (also known as two busy) or wheel loader for crushing operations. Excavator Hydraulic Breaker, also known as hydraulic breaker or hydraulic rock breaker (Excavator Hydraulic Breaker).


A. Incorporate much leading edge technology in hydraulic rock breaker. (Lower oil consumption, leading heat treatment, lower noise, long lifespan etc)

B. Suitable with a wide range of excavator.

C. Versatile application including rock broken, paving road, building demolition etc.

D. Top type breaker is applied to special operation that in large elevation angle.

E. Box type breaker namely silent breaker, which is sued in special project that noise is limited.

F one-stop service.

G easy use and easy maintenance.

hydraulic breaker:top type,side type,box silenced type.