Tapered drill rods
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Product details
Tapered drill rod, another name called taper rod, tapered drill steels,  are used by hand held rock drill in granite and marble quarries, underground mining, for small blasting hole. Taper drill rods must together used with tapered drill bits, chisel bits, cross bits and button bits.taper drill rods has a variety of taper angles, generally, the light duty rock drill usually use 7 taper or smaller taper angle, the heavy duty rock drill mainly use 11,12 taper angle.

Tapered Rock Drill Rods
1) Material: 40SiMnCrNiMo
2) Shank spec.: Hex19*108mm, Hex22*108mm, Hex25*108mm, Hex25*159mm
3) Taper connection: 7, 11, 12 degree

4) Length: 0.5m~6.0m